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RICS HomeBuyer Reports

In the first in a set of blog posts on different types of residential survey that we carry out and what they mean to our clients. These Blog Posts will cover the following type of Surveys. Home Buyer Reports. RICS HomeBuyer Reports SAVA Home Condition Survey RICS Building Survey RICS Condition Survey Level 3 Building…

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Home Buyer Report Canterbury

Your Residential Survey I took a call today from a worried potential client who was in the process of buying a property in Canterbury. They were significantly along with the house purchase and an exchange of contracts is likely to happen in the coming week or so. Home Buyer Report. She didn’t think they needed…

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Regulation Complete

As an update on our previous post about becoming RICS Building Surveyor Canterbury We have today received confirmation that we have successfully resisted for regulation by the RICS and Home Heroes Limited is now regulated by RICS. Home Heroes Limited are a Construction Consultancy based in Canterbury, Kent Specialising as Party Wall Surveyors, Building Surveyors…

Professional Standards

Regulated By RICS

We have begun the process today to become a fully RICS regulated firm and get permission to use the logo and instil faith in our brand and our clients that we are a professional surveying company and that we have to work by the Code of Conduct for RICS regulation. This should be pretty simple…

Home Buyers Survey

Home Condition Surveys

Home Heroes Limited have a Licences to carry out the SAVA Home Condition Survey and we offer this in addition to our Custom Level 3 Full Building Surveys and The RICS HomeBuyer Reports. Home Condition Survey Information The HCS is a report designed specifically for the home buyer. It provides a plain English, jargon-free report…

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Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

At Home Heroes we are big believers in Lifetime learning and the skills which one can acquire that don’t immediately seem work-related, from presentation skill and learning Python. They all have the part to play into making us better people and better surveyors presentation for our clients and briefs, python for data management and scraping….